Christos Tsagkaris

Conference 2023 Presentation


Project title

The Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece


Authors and Affiliations

Christos Tsagkaris1

1. Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece (CPRGG), Athens, Greece




The Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece (CPRGGreece) is a voluntary, non-profit organization founded in Greece in February 2021. Nowadays, the organization counts more than 750 members in 73 countries. On the one hand, research articles, peer – reviewed studies and presentations of CPRGGreece members at conferences and on the other hand, actions of social contribution or public awareness, serve the twofold purpose of involving the civil society in science and vice versa. CPRGGreece aims to study cancer prevention through an interdisciplinary lens of multiple fields (health sciences, social sciences, humanities, education sciences) and specializations (clinical medicine, pharmacology, psychology, psychology, nutrition, sociology, stress science, biology, chemistry, statistics, public health, epidemiology, economics, community health, pedagogy, etc. etc.), with the ultimate hope of voluntarily empowering the community in the face of neoplastic diseases (giving, medical literacy, health promotion shielding).
Within one year of official operation of CPRGGreece, 6 active research topics and 12 social projects have already been developed. These projects focus on scientific production and publication, as well as on health promotion activities within the society itself. This is reflected in the exclusive web-based e-Grid of Psychosocial Support for Patients with Cancer – Residents – Caregivers. This activity, in which mental health specialists provide free counselling, through text messages and teleconferences to beneficiaries, has been delivered to the public in autumn 2022. In addition to psychological support, we have developed capacity in social support (digital assistance, information, social issues, interface with structures, etc.), as well as external partnerships for support in legal and insurance affairs. The organization strives to expand its network of partnerships in Europe and beyond aiming to provide its members and beneficiaries with opportunities for meaningful contribution to cancer prevention.