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About Us: Who are UoN-BSI.

We were founded in 2017 as a composition of students from the College of Health Sciences.

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University of Nairobi: College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences is considered to be the leading tertiary Healthcare training center in Kenya and East Africa region. It consists of various schools and faculties. The schools include: (1) School of medicine, (2) School of pharmacy, (3) School of dental sciences, (4) School of nursing sciences, (5) School of public health.

Upcoming Projects:

Our Upcoming Projects as BSI

The Beyond Sciences Initiative – Nairobi Chapter, had an amazing time establishing a library at Kabete Rehab on the 8th June 2018. This was done in partnership with Story Moja Africa-Start A Library (SAL) team.

Below is an elaborate report on the same.

Kabete Rehab hosts a population of 78 students; with students from class 5 to 8, the breakdown of the students per class is as follows Class (8 – 19 STDs, 7 – 23 STDs, 6 – 24 STDs and 5 – 12 STDs) these are special children who are on the verge of change from their past life. Our team spoke with the Deputy H.T of the school Mr. Gitonga and he shared with us a brief history of some of the students’ past lives, some of which were quite sad. We are happy with the effort the school teachers are making towards rehabilitating these students to become better citizens of our nation by encouraging them to focus on their education and facilitating access to a new library with a wide collection of storybooks.

The school was privileged to have a new library courtesy of the Beyond sciences initiative. The Start A Library (SAL) team, together with the Kabete Rehab students, was able to arrange the new library in accordance with the various class levels.

During the launch program on the 8th of June 2018, The Beyond sciences initiative team had the privilege of interacting with the Kabete rehab students and we shared with them lessons on the value of reading for pleasure. The students were also encouraged to freely attend the library lessons and utilize the books by engaging in different library promotion activities in the library. Students were trained on how to monitor their reading habits by use of book-marks, various reading promotion activities and book conservation methods. All these ensures that the books are utilized while at the same time preserved to the next class generations.

The library was finally launched by the BSI members who cut down the ribbon and officially invited the students for a short reading activity in the library. This was then followed by a series of photo shoot sessions in the library space with both teams holding up the new library books with broad smiles.

As everyone left, the BSI students were able to have a final interaction with the Kabete rehab students and a quick farewell photo shoot. The students asked for future visitations from BSI and SAL and this was deeply considered. SAL team will handle quarterly Monitoring &Evaluation at the school so as to find out the impact of the library on the Kabete rehab students.

BSI Nairobi Chapter is currently in the process of identifying other needy schools and children who do not have reading material. We believe that reading has the ability to transform lives.

We would like to thank Dr. Eleanor Fish, Payam Zarin, and the entire BSI team for their immense support. This dream would not have been possible without their constant support, both materially and immaterially.

More updates and more libraries coming soon.

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1. Who are we?

We are “Beyond Sciences Initiative (BSI)-Nairobi Chapter” — an association that comprises members who are medical, dental and pharmacy undergraduate students at the University of Nairobi.

2. Why is this important?

Cancer has been declared a national crisis in Kenya. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Kenya. Up to 8 women die from cervical cancer everyday. Nonetheless, it is a preventable type of cancer which can be cured effectively by early detection. However, there is a considerable knowledge gap around this fact. As of October 2017, only about 14% of women had undergone cervical screening.

3. What is our aim?
– To create awareness about the relationship between HPV and Cervical Cancer.
– To increase awareness on the importance of early screening and treatment.
– To create awareness on the HPV vaccine

4. Who is our target?
– Young Females and women

5. Our Content

A. What is HPV and how is it transmitted?
B. What does HPV cause?
C. What are the risk factors for HPV persistence and development of cervical cancer?
D. What are the SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS of Cervical Cancer?
E. What TESTS should I take?
F. How can I PREVENT cervical cancer?

BSI Nairobi had a privilege of having an interactive session with high school girls of The Kenya High School Nairobi on HPV and its relation to Cervical Cancer. This was held on 23rd May 2018 from 4 pm. It was an amazing experience and we realized that a follow up session was imperative owing to the many questions that were asked.

BSI-Nairobi is therefore planning to do a follow up later this year or early next year.

Updates coming soon.

What we’ve Achieved? Our Projects impact to the community

Our activities directly benefit our communities both by providing the opportunities we had or wished to have to achieve goals and giving back the expertise services we’ve obtained so far with the aim of making a positive impact

Giving back to the community: Major aim our team focuses on

Our communities have in our childhood offered the environments for us to develop and get educated with the hope on us to succeed and help solve the problems they encounter and make it a better community for the incoming generation: we have to honor that.


Research & Innovation: We investigate Community Problems.

Our projects are based on findings collected from community members life activities and observed challenges. We engage in deep research on possible reliable short-term and life-long solutions available to fix the shortcomings witnessed. Application of our acquired knowledge is also crucial and present in all we do.


Team Leaders: Our Managers

Like every other organization, BSI-UoN has the top-team members given the key responsibilities to ensure all the activities, programs and constraints are under control.


Esther Adhiambo Anyango


Mwarage Grace Wanjiru
Vice Chairperson


Ochanyo Adrian Ochieng


Njogu Rosemary Nyambura

Accomplishments: Our past projects

We are active and deliver in all our quests and plans with the dedication and aim to make our communities a better place for every human.

Avada Admin
Avada Admin

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We are fully dedicated to our goals and elevating living standards in our communities healthwise, knowledge-wise and all basic needs we are capable to provide.

“It’s inspiring to engage with the beyond science crew.”

“They have once been in our shoes. This is evident from the projects they undertake. Our communities need active youths who come-back and impact their communities with the knowledge and any other achievements with the aim of fixing what was their hurdles; which basically are our hurdles we tend to surpass to achieve our goals. Thanks!”

– bsi-uon beneficiary

Member Name, BSI UoN
Member Name, BSI UoN
Member Name, BSI UoN
Member Name, BSI UoN
Member Name, BSI UoN

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