Ivan Franko National University of Lviv was founded in 1661; it is the oldest continuously operating university in Ukraine and is among the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. Currently more than 12 thousand students study at the University of Lviv.

University of Lviv has always been known for the high-quality fundamental knowledge it provides its students with. Now the University is constantly working on its integration into the European Higher Education Area as well as into the global educational context. In 2011 U of Lviv has become a part of Erazmus Mundus – a well-known European university mobility program. There are numerous branches of international student organizations with student chapters at the University including the Optical Society of America, SPIE, and now BSI!


The BSI Mentorship Program in Ukraine is an opportunity for students to establish cross-cultural communication, learn about life in other countries, and promote personal growth for both mentors and mentees. The first year of the program saw the pairing of 16 students from Trinity College with undergraduate or high school students in Ukraine. As part of the mentorship program, students communicate by email or Skype to discuss differences in cultures, student life in their respective countries, their travels, as well as reading books in parallel and sharing perspectives. Moving forward, BSI is establishing a local chapter with the help of top graduate students at Ivan Franko University of Lviv.