Huda Nasani

Conference 2023 Presentation


Project title

Prevalence of Thyroid Cancer in Surgical Thyroid Specimens in Syrian Patients


Authors and Affiliations

Huda Nasani1, Burhan Eddin Nasani1, Raydeh Al Khani2

1. Damascus University, Damsacus, Syria.
2. Department of Pathology, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.




Thyroid cancer has a little incidence in the cancer statistics; its estimation is about 2.28% of all cancers in USA. Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid is the most predominant malignancy between thyroid cancers in adults and children. In many cases the accurate diagnosis is not easily established; In 1970, the pathologist Pierre Masson wrote in his book Human
tumors: No classification is more difficult to establish than that of thyroid carcinomas.
Recently with improved molecular-genetic characterization there is more understanding of:
✓ Benign versus malignant thyroid neoplasms
✓ Papillary carcinomas versus follicular carcinomas
Objective: To reveal the prevalence and types of thyroid cancer in a series of Syrian patients


A retrospective cross-sectional study, included a series of 280 surgical specimens of total thyroidectomy, subtotal thyroidectomy and lobectomy performed for goiter or a thyroid nodule received in a histopathological lab in Damascus. Reclassification following the 4th WHO classification of Thyroid tumors (2017) was done.


We found 45 malignancies (16%); 38 females (84%; mean age 36.6ys) and 7 males (16%; mean age 48.75ys). In addition to 2 cases of follicular tumor of uncertain malignant potential in females (34-56ys).
The malignancies in our series were: Papillary carcinomas 34 Cases (75.6% of malignancies); 30 females (age range 18-85ys; mean=38.2ys), and 4 males (age range 33-78ys; mean=51.8ys). Of these 13 cases were bifocal or multifocal (38.2%) and 9 cases in females were associated with Hashimoto thyroiditis (26.5%). Follicular carcinomas were observed in 6 cases (2.1%), 3 females (age range 30-38ys; mean=33ys), and 3 males (age range 40-46ys; mean=43ys). Our series also included 3 Cases (1%) of DLBCL Lymphomas in females (age range 41-65ys; mean=56ys) one associated with MALTOMA, one Case of Undifferentiated carcinoma (0.35%) in a 50 years old female and one medullary carcinoma (0.35%) in a 45 years old male.


Thyroid malignancies are common finding in the studied thyroid specimens in our series, much more common in females. Papillary carcinomas were the most observed malignancies and multifocality was frequent. Hashimoto thyroiditis was commonly associated with papillary carcinomas in females.