Priyanka Chahal

Conference 2022 Hot-Doc Presentation


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SNO Kyrgyzstan: From local to global level


Authors and Affiliations

Priyanka Chahal1

1. S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute, Kant, Kyrgyzstan




(Student Network Organization) SNO Kyrgyzstan get established in 2020 as a Country chapter in Kyrgyzstan. As Central Asia is a developing and non-English speaking Region, it is having lack of platforms and space for Health professionals and students especially International med students. SNO is a network of health students who work to promote health equity in education and healthcare through intercultural and multidisciplinary collaboration, with the goal of universal health care construction. Create space in order to strengthen students’ interests, regardless of their area of expertise, on public health issues from a local, regional and international level, through interdisciplinary collaboration between partners, with opportunities to interact with professors, peers, and public health professionals currently working in their field of interest, establishing networks and surrounded by a friendly and familiar environment. Just in 1 Year SNO Kyrgyzstan made huge positive impacts in the field of medicine and health and it’s still on it.