Conference 2022 Program

Opening Ceremonies

Time (EST)TopicSpeaker
7:00-7:15 amOpening Ceremony – Introduction and Welcome from BSIDr. Eleanor Fish
University of Toronto, Canada

Scientific Session 1 : Cancer Immunology

Time (EST)TopicSpeaker
7:15–7:50 amKeynote 1– From stem cells to T cells: applications and
Dr. J.C. Zúñiga-Pflücker
University of Toronto, Canada
7:55–8:10 amMaladaptation of a common Denisovan introgressed TNFAIP3 allele in families with haploinsufficiency of A20N.W. Zammit
Garvan Institute, Australia Harvard Medical School, USA
8:15–8:30 amSense-and-respond payload delivery using a synthetic promoter in engineered CAR-T cellsT. Guo
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, USA
8:35–8:50 amOverexpression of IFNγ suppresses double negative T regulatory cell function in autoimmune ovarian failureE.E. Bafor
National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA
8:55–9:10 amInvestigating regulatory mechanisms influencing oral cancer-intrinsic Type I interferon production and signalingB. Heath
Univ. Michigan Medical School, USA
9:15–9:30 am
Risks & consequences of Nyaope/Whoonga usage –
the drug cocktail of HIV antiretrovirals, rat poison, heroin, and other substances
K. Varshney
Deakin University, Australia
9:30–9:45 amBreak

Scientific Session 2 : Infectious Diseases

Time (EST)TopicSpeaker
9:45–10:20 amKeynote 2– Immune responses to SARS-CoV-2Dr. Akiko Iwasaki
Yale Univ. School of Medicine, USA
10:25–10:40 amEndogenous retroviruses induce protective host immunity against HSV-2 vaginal infection in miceW.A.J. Guild
U. British Columbia, Canada
10:45-11:00 amSex hormones more than sex chromosomal complement predict sex differences in influenza vaccine-induced immunity and protection in miceK. Seddu
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
11:05–11:20 amMolecular Detection of HIV-1 DNA in HIV-exposed infants previously diagnosed negativeD.M. Okpaise
Ibadan University College Hospital, Nigeria
11:25–11:40 amAntibody responses to mRNA vaccine in previously SARS-CoV-2 infected and infection-naïve UK healthcare workers using short or long dosing intervalsS. Longet
Oxford University, UK
11:45-12:00 pmHyperglycemic environment promotes M2 polarization in macrophages during Leishmania infection and impairs antigen presentation and T cell activationT.F. Silva
State University of Londrina,
12:05-12:20 pmStructural mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 entry and activation of spike glycoprotein by engaging unique host factors and potential antiviral interventionsN. Vankadari
Monash University, Australia
12:20-12:35 pm
SNO Kyrgyzstan: From local to global level P. Chahal
S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan
The effect of eclectic group counseling on depression, anxiety, stress and substance use among street women in KenyaA.K. Aliyan
Moi University, Kenya
12:50-1:45 pmLightning Poster Session

Scientific Session 3: Chronic Diseases and Biotechnology

Time (EST)TopicSpeaker
7:00–7:35 amKeynote 3– Why do newborns die? A paradigm shift from pathogen to hostDr. Tobi Kollman & Dr. Nelly Amenyogbe
Telethon Kids Institiute, Australia
7:40–7:55 amGut-derived vaginal microbiota regulates antiviral immunity through pseudonormoxiaJ.H. Park
Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology, South Korea
8:00–8:15 amShift in the skin microbiome among individuals presenting with filarial lymphedema compared to non-filarial healthy individualsS. Wireko
KNUST, Ghana
8:20–8:35 amSparse estimation of correlations among microbiomesH. Lin
8:40–8:55 amDesign of multi-epitope peptide for diagnosis of Loa loa infection using a bioinformatics approachT.O. Ojo
Ladoke Akintola Univ. of Technology,
8:55–9:10 amInhibitory and disaggregation effect of Ocimum sanctum extract on α-synuclein aggregationV. Kumar
National Institute of Immunology, India
9:15–9:30 amThe role of dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase (DLD) in the immunopathogenesis of Leishmania majorS.S. Onwah
University of Manitoba, Canada
9:35–9:50 am
The European Student Think Tank and its working group on public health and policy: from the societal bench to parliamentC. Tsagkaris
European Student Think Tank, Netherlands
9:50–10:00 amBreak

Scientific Session 4: Cancer

Time (EST)TopicSpeaker
10:00-10:35 amKeynote 4– Addressing equity, diversity and inclusion in academic institutes around the globeJodie Glean
University of Toronto, Canada
10:40-10:55 amDental stem cells obtained from third molars: perspectives for regenerative medicineE. Sauka
Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine
11:00–11:15 amImmunoinformatics approach in designing mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 variantsB.A. Irewolede
Helix Biogen Institute,
11:20 –11:35 amBrucella abortus RNA interferes with M1 polarization of human macrophagesA. Serafino
National Academy of Medicine, Argentina
11:40–11:55 amNano-tail and antibiotic resistance: characterization of R-pyocin activity against Gram-positive pathogensA.A. Mohamed
Zagazig University, Egypt
12:00–12:15 pmInvestigating the cellular effects of Fra-1 in the CGL1 radiation induced tumorigenesis cell modelW. Al-khayyat
Laurentian University, Canada
12:20-12:35 pm
HUMANE: Harmonious Understanding of Machine learning Analytics Network - International consensus for research on artificial intelligence in medicineR. Kashyap
HCA Healthcare, USA
12:40-12:55 pm
Content curation for teaching and learning immunology and beyondG.C. Faure
Lorraine University, France
1:00-1:30 pmClosing Ceremony