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Project title

The Clinician Engineer Hub: Bridging the gap between medicine and engineering


Authors and Affiliations

Faisal A. Nawaz1 , Neel Sharma2

1. Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2. University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, , Birmingham, UK




As innovation is presently vigorously established in medical care, patients are quick to be overseen by the most recent diagnostics and technology-enhanced treatment modalities. As clinicians, we utilize designed gadgets on an everyday premise. This could be as the pulse oximeter, CT scanner or endoscope, for instance. As healthcare professionals, we have restricted comprehension of how these gadgets work or are made. While clinicians frequently see issues with how patients are analyzed or treated, they can’t take care of these issues because of this lack of fundamental understanding of the engineering fields. All things considered, they rely upon engineers to help assemble most aspects of healthcare. Teaching medical students to make engineering-based
applications right off the bat in their vocation may help create a more prominent union among engineering and medicine, a foundation in the improvement of tomorrow’s healthcare. The need for a common ground to discuss such collaborations is vital to the acceleration of knowledge-sharing and implementation.


We present a globalized platform in the form of the “Clinician Engineer Hub” that aims to bridge the gap between the fields of engineering and medicine. This international hub brings together the clinical and biomedical engineering fields and provides medical students and clinicians exposure to the world of biomedical engineering, the challenges doctors face in diagnosing and treating patients and how to solve these issues with cutting edge engineering solutions.


Founded in 2019, the Clinician Engineer Hub offers regular training workshops in the UK and internationally. as well as webinars, conferences, podcasts and research opportunities.
During training workshops, participants will benefit from attending lectures and seminars by leading experts in both fields. Research opportunities offered include internships, MSc projects, PhD and Post Doctoral positions.


There is a strong need for interdisciplinary collaborations in the fields of medicine and engineering. The Clinician Engineer is a first-of-its-kind, non-profit organization that has succeeded in creating a wealth of opportunities for the academic and industry learners. Future clinicians need to be clinician-engineers. We welcome the rise of the MD MEng.