Conference 2019 Poster Gallery

This page includes several of the digital posters received by BSI for the 4th International Remote Conference: Science and Society.

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Assessment of phenolics compound from cyanobacteria isolated from different region of India

Author: Sonali Raut

Institution: Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India

Co-authors: Roshan Kumar, Anjali Shailani, Manas Ranjan Sahu, Nupur Gupta, Abhishek Singh

Molecular characterization of lactic acid bacteria and protozoar eimeria sp. of the gastrointestinal microbiote of Gallus gallus domesticus

Author: Miluska Vanessa Baylon Cuba

Institution: National University of Tumbes, Tumbes, Perú

Co-authors: Mialhe Matonnier, Eric Louis, Fabián Domínguez, Fredy, Vásquez Roja, Lourdes, Masías Ramírez, Pedro Miguel

Solid-state “green” synthesis of admanatane-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

Author: Anji Zhang

Institution: University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Co-Author: Ulrich Fekl

Expression of chikungunya virus proteins in tobacco plants for the development of a Diagnostic reagent and a candidate vaccine

Author: Jason Naude

Institution: University of Cape Town, South Africa

Co-Authors: Jason Naude, Ann Meyers and Edward Rybicki

Differences in proteasome activity in plasma of patients with hematologic

Author: Hassan Filali

Institution: Université Hassan II de Casablanca, Mohammedia, Maroc

Co-Authors: Ayoub Lahmadi, Asmaa Quessar, Souad Aboudkhil

Palliative care in pediatrics: a physiotherapy approach in the hospital framework

Author: Emerson Melo

Institution: University of Franca, Franca, São Paulo, Brazil

Co-Authors: Larissa Cristina Batista, André Luiz Gonçalves de Oliveira, Noemi Marchini de Souza Couto

Humanized approach to spirituality in the process of coping with death in
oncology: literature review

Author: Fernanda Silva Vieira

Institution: University of Franca, Franca, Brasil

Co-Authors: Oliveira, Naiara Borges, Andrade, Ana Paula

A review on cancer and cell therapy

Author: Silvio Almeida Junior

Institution: University of Franca, Franca, Brasil

Co-Authors: Nhaypi Iasmin Taveira Moreira, Fernanda Carolina da Silva, Isabela de Castro Capoia, Inglity Lorrane da Silva Cruz, Danilo Candido Bulgo, Silvio de Almeida Junior

The use of virtual reality as an additional rehabilitation therapy of the elderly: literature review

Author: Ana Paula Andrade

Institution: University of Franca, Franca, Brasil

Co-Authors: Fernanda Silva Vieira, Naiara Borges Oliveira

Recognition of goldenhar syndrome: literature review

Author: Renan Nunesaha Aguiar

Institution: University of Franca, Franca, Brazil

Co-Authors: Bruno Henrique Barbosa De Souza, Maylen Beatriz Rezende Oliveira, Cristian Ribeiro Gonçalves, Danilo Cândido Bulgo

Family facing the terminality of a loved one with cancer in palliative care

Author: Danilo Bulgo

Institution: University of Franca, Franca, São Paulo, Brazil

Co-authors:  Silvio de Almeida Junior, Letícia Natália de Oliveira, Cristian Ribeiro Gonçalves, Joao Filipe Alfenas Da Silva, Priscila dos Reis Oliveira, Renan Nunes de Aguiar

The performance of physiotherapy in patients with cardiac insufficiency in a
cardiovascular rehabilitation program: Literature review

Author: Naiara Oliveira

Institution: UNIFRAN Universidade de Franca, Franca, Brazil

Co-authors: Ana Paula de Andrade, Fernanda Silva Vieira, Danilo Cândido Bulgo, Larissa Cristina Batista

Creation of a coding and documentation hospital trauma registry system for fatal and non-fatal road traffic accident-collisions in Kisumu County, Kenya

Author: Bojana Radan

Institution: Western University, London, Canada

Co-authors: Dr. Michael Shkrum, and Japheth Ogendi

Mathematical epidemiological model for measles disease in Africa: using Senegal as a case study

Author: Samuel Sowole Oladimeji

Institution: African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Mbour, Senegal

Co-authors: Dosumu Olanrewaju, Daouda Sangare

Regional epidemiological study and social development: knowledge of the
population profile for the planning of public policies in Brazil

Author: Fernanda de Castro Nakamura

Institution: Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio Mesquita Filho” UNESP, Franca, Brazil

Co-authors: Silvio de Almeida Junior

Potential reach of mobile health for educating, empowering and engaging
chronically diseased patients: evidence from a survey in Egypt

Author: Rehab Rayan

Institution: University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt

Co-authors: Hatem Hussain, Nawal M. Khalafallah

Use of IgG antibody response to Anopheles gSG6-P1 salivary peptide as potential biomarker of malaria infection risk in infants from endemic area in Tori Bossito, Benin

Author:  Erasme Gbaguidi

Institution: University of Abomey Calavi, Cotonou, Benin

Co-authors: Emmanuel Elanga Ndille, Dominique Cerqueira, Gilles Cottrell, Achille Massougbodji, André Garçia, Franck Remoue, David Courtin

Factors influencing women’s choice of place of delivery in Embakasi North sub-County and Naivasha sub-Countries in Kenya- a qualitative study

Author: Jackline Aridi

Institution: Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya

Co-authors:  N. Wafula, Mary Adam and Gilbert K’okwaro

Pathogenic fungi from bat droppings causing histoplasmosis in humans in
Southern West Tanzania: Mbeya region. A case study

Author: Chaula Godlove

Institution: National Institute For Medical Research- Mbeya Centre, Mbeya, Tanzania

Co-authors: Emmanuel Sichone, Lwitiho Sudi, Jonathan Munkai, Nyanda Ntinginya, Bariki Mtafya, Daniel Mapamba, Wolfram Mwalongo

Severe sepsis due to Chryseobacterium indologenes a possible organism resistant to multiple antibiotics: a case study

Author: Chaula Godlove

Institution:  National Institute For Medical Research- Mbeya Centre, Mbeya,Tanzania

Co-authors: Emmanuel Sichone, Lwitiho Sudi, Jonathan Munkai, Nyanda Ntinginya, Bariki Mtafya, Daniel Mapamba, Wolfram Mwalongo

Infection due to pathogenic fungi isolated from infected skin of a child: A case study

Author: Chaula Godlove

Institution:  National Institute For Medical Research- Mbeya Centre, Mbeya,Tanzania

Co-authors: Emmanuel Sichone, Jonathan Munkai1, Nyanda Ntinginya, Bariki Mtafya, Daniel Mapamba, Wolfram Mwalongo

Investigation of selected pathogens in raw vegetables: a case study in Morogoro, Tanzania

Author: Chaula Godlove

Institution:  National Institute For Medical Research- Mbeya Centre, Mbeya,Tanzania

Co-authors: Emma Peter, Bariki Mtafya, Johnisius Msigwa & Nyanda E. Ntinginya

Anti-Diuretic Action and Signaling Cascade of a CAPA Neurohormone in the Mosquito Disease Vector, Aedes aegypti

Author: Farwa Sajadi

Institution:  York University, Toronto, Canada

Co-authors: Jean-Paul Paluzzi

Bioadhesive and biocompatible films of Acyclovir – Chitosan hyaluronic acid for herpes type 1 treatment

Author: Johanna Valenzuela-Oses

Institution:  National University of San Marcos, Lima

Co-authors: Álvaro Jiménez-Kairuz, Mónica Garcia

Receptor expression and localization of a pyrokinin neuropeptide in the adult yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Author: Aryan Lajevardi

Institution:  York University, Toronto, Canada

Co-authors: Mark Brown, Jean-Paul Paluzzi

Molecular docking and mutation analysis of Artemisinin resistant k13 gene: an in silco approach

Author: Niven Mubarak Mursi Mohammed

Institution:  University of Khartoum

Co-authors: Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid

The prevalence of Pollen Food Syndrome in adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Author: Dr. Kirtika Patel

Institution:  Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

Co-authors: K. Patel, G Vila-Nadal, J. Shah, M. Shamji, L Swan, S.R. Durham, K. Patel, I. Skypala

Evaluation of a homemade saliva kit for the stabilization of plasmodium DNA at room temperature

Author: Eric Berenger Tchoupe

Institution:  University of Yaounde, Yaounde, Cameroon

Co-authors: Palmer MASUMBE NETONGO, Eric TCHOUPE, Séverin KAMDEM, Jean Paul Chejou3, Wilfred MBACHAM

MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis

Author: Anees Bahji

Institution:  Queen’s University, Canada

Co-authors: Ashleigh Forsyth, Emily Hawken, Dianne Groll


Physiotherapy In Women With Mammary Neoplasia – A Literature Review

Author: Samanta Marcelino Silva

Institution:  University of Franca, Brasil

Co-authors: Emerson Souza Melo, Naiara Borges de Olivera, Cynthia Kallas Bachur

Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases in the Health of Workers

Author: Larissa Cristina Batista

Institution:  University of Franca, Brasil

Co-authors: Emerson Souza Melo, Naiara Borges de Olivera, Cynthia Kallas Bachur

Quality of Death in the Pediatric Intensive Therapy Unit

Author: Emerson Souza Melo

Institution:  University of Franca, Brasil

Co-authors: Borges, Jessica Carvalho; Polati, Daniela Santana da Silveira

Structural and functional characteristics of a new class of housekeeping sortase

Author: Avinash K. Singh

Institution:  National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India

Co-authors: Sreetama Das, Vijay S. Pawale

Which are the chronic diseases that interfere the most in the life quality of two military poliice officers groups of the fifth region of the military police of minas gerais

Author: Joao Filipe Alfenas da Silva

Institution:  University of Franca, Brasil

Co-authors: Danilo Candido Bulgo, Daniel dos Santos

Beyond Traditional Leadership Training: Improving Health Service Delivery Indicators through Integration of Institutional Priority Improvement Projects and Team Coaching in Training health workers in Selected counties in Kenya

Author: Tecla Chalagat

Institution:  Institute of Healthcare Management Strathmore, University Business School, Kenya

Co-authors: G. Kokwaro, J. Onyango, J. Rice

Characterization and treatments in Parkinson’s disease

Author: Mariane Lança Garcia

Institution:  Research Group on Toxicology and Health Promotion -Euro Anglo Franca, Brazil

Co-authors: Gabriel Vinicius Morais, Silvio de Almeida Junior

Differences between European Society of Cardiology and European Resuscitation Council criteria for diagnosis of ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Author: Wojciech Telec

Institution:  Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland

Co-authors: Piotr Kalmucki , Mary-Tiffany Oduah, Patrick Biskupski, Adam Turalinski, Karol Kochman, Tomasz Siminiak, Artur Baszko


Differential Antigen Presentation Following Efferocytosis

Author: Elaine Yiran Liu

Institution:  Western University, Canada

Co-authors: Sara Ndombele, Charles Yin, Bryan Heit


Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Consanguineous Marriage in Sudan 2018

Author: Fatima A Elmugadam

Institution:  Khartoum University, Faculty of Medicine, Sudan

Co-authors: Liena ELsayed, Haytham M Gorshi, Almigdad HMohammed, Murad Almak, IsraaH Hussain, Mohammed A.Farag, Mohammed S.Tawar, Elhami A Ahmed, Almegdad S A, Wadah O Awad, Ahmed M Musa

New Method for Determining Blood Pressure in Unanaesthesized Rats Using Non Invasive Contec 08a Device with Small Cuff: A Path to Antihypertensive Drug Development in Developing Countries

Author: Adeosun A.M.

Institution:  Lead City University, Nigeria

Co-authors: Ighodaro O.M., Akinloye O.A

A descriptive study on the role of immunohistochemistry in cancer diagnosis at the MOI teaching and referral hospital (MTRH), Eldoret, Kenya

Author: Ashwinder Bhamra

Institution:  Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

Co-authors: Dr. Kirtika Patel

Recurrent kaposi’s sarcoma; experience from patients enrolled in pd-1 study at MOI Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH)

Author: Nicholas Kisilu

Institution: AMPATH Oncology in Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret, Kenya

Co-authors: Chite Asirwa F., Busakhala N., Njiru E., Job Kisuya, Seth Kirui, Joyce Musimbi

The judicialization of health and regional diseases: parameters for effecting the public policy of free drugs supply

Author: Fernanda de Castro Nakamura

Institution:  Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio Mesquita Filho”, Franca, Brazil

Co-author: Fernanda de Castro Nakamura

Building a sustainable model and evaluation plan for psychosocial rehabilitation in Kenya: An implementation research study

Author: Romaisa Pervez

Institution: University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Co-authors: Victoria Mutiso, David Ndetei, Regina Casey, Terry Krupa, Rosemary Lysaght, Marlene Janzen Le Ber, Sean Kidd, Arlene MacDougall