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Project title

Evaluating the Preparedness of Child Health Facilities and Health Care Providers to COVID 19 Pandemic


Authors and Affiliations

Salako AO1, Odubela OO1, Musari-Martins TE1, Musa ZA2, Gbaja-Biamila TA1, Opaneye BA1, Oladele DA1, Ezemelue PN1, Ohwodo HO1, Ezechi OC1, David AN1

1. Clinical Sciences Department, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Lagos, Nigeria
2. Monitoring and Evaluating Unit, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Lagos, Nigeria




The challenges of diagnosis of SARS-CoV2 infection in the paediatric population includes not only the mild nature of the disease, the similarity in the symptomatology of the COVID-19 disease to common childhood illness and the possibility that the infected children could be “silent transmitters” to the family members and health care workers [HCW]. The challenge raises the doubt on the level of preparedness, awareness of the child health facilities [HCF] and HCW in adopting measures at combatting the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic This study evaluated the preparedness and response of HCF and HCW in paediatric settings to 2019-novel coronavirus pandemic.


The study was a Cross-Sectional Study involving children HCF and HCW. An online tool was used to evaluate preparedness for the management of infectious disease outbreak as typified by the COVID-19 Outbreak. The information collected included demographic characteristic of the health personnel hospital providing care for children, infection control practices, knowledge, and preparedness for prevention of COVID-19. Data generated was analyzed using the SPSS version 23.0.


(89%) of the respondent were medical doctors, 75% have being in medical practice for >5years and majority of the respondent (69%) are in public health care service. 68% had an infectious disease unit, 60% had an existing policy on disease outbreaks. Most of the facility had a fair rating of the IPC policy and facility support. With respect to COVID-19. 144(97%), 142(96%) of the respondent had the knowledge that COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2, and the incubation period was an average of 2-14years. Most of the respondent were aware that the disease could be with(out) symptoms (86%), could mimic other childhood illnesses (93%) and most of the centre (55%) had fair policy strength towards combating the disease.


IPC policies have been established in most paediatric facilities to combat the recurring threat of communicable disease outbreaks. There is need for further scaling up of resources to address COVID-19 pandemic.