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Project title

Relationship between mesotherapy and neuropathic pain control: literature review


Authors and Affiliations

Isabella Carla Barbosa Lima Angelo1, Gabriela Ferreira Kalkmann2, Josiane Rossi Engelmann3, Laura Beatriz Martins3, Sonia Quezia Garcia Marques Zago3, Thania Gonzales Rossi3, Natally Santiago3, Gustavo Veloso Lages4

1.Catholic University of Pernambuco, Pernambuco, Brazil
2.Medical Student, Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil
3.University Nove de Julho, São Paulo, Brazil
4.Santa Casa de Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil




Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment technique. Being used as an approach to musculoskeletal and osteoarticular syndromes or post-traumatic, however little is mentioned about neuropathic pain treatment with mesotherapy. Therefore, the objective of this literature review is to present the relationship between mesotherapy and neuropathic pain control.


Systematic literature review performed on the platforms PubMed / MEDLINE, Scielo, Cochrane Library, Lilacs, Science Direct and TripDataBase, using the following search terms “mesotherapy” AND “pain” AND “chemotherapy”, totaling 79 articles, of which only 3 papers were selected.


In a randomized study with 104 patients diagnosed with herniated disc pain. The presence of need for analgesics was statistically complementary three times higher in the systemic therapy group than in the mesotherapy group at any time within 24 hours after treatment. A randomized study with 220 patients with chronic spinal pain (CSP), 110 patients were treated with the drug cocktail and the remainder with normal saline injection (NSS-bioomesotherapy). The findings of this study, that both treatments are considered analgesics. In a study comparing mesotherapy and systemic therapy, the first group presented nausea and dizziness, however, in the second group, nausea and dizziness were reported, and one patient presenting hypotension. And patients may report mild discomfort at the time of mesotherapy inoculation.


The correlation between neuropathic pain and mesotherapy is not well understood by the studies. However, it was possible to observe the existence of an association between mesotherapy and the significant relief of neuropathic pain.