Conference 2021 Hot-Docs Video


Project title

#Students Against COVID: Building a hashtag up to a global community


Authors and Affiliations

Christos Tsagkaris1, Ana Sofia Mota2, Lolita Matiashova3, Valeriia Danilchenko4, Andrea Camera5, Theodoros Angelopoulos1

1. University of Crete, Faculty of Medicine, Heraklion, Greece
2. University of Lisbon, Faculty of Medicine, Lisbon, Portugal
3. L. T. Mala Therapy NAMSU, Kharkiv, Ukraine
4. Kharkiv Regional Perinatal Center, Department of Post-Intensive Care, Rehabilitation and Nursing of Premature Newborns, Kharkiv, Ukraine
5. University of Brescia, Department of Clinical and Experimental Science, Brescia, Italy



#Students_Against_COVID (SAC) is a grassroots movement with 700+ members from 60+ countries putting together their diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of common goals. These goals consist of, but are not limited to, championing science, supporting essential workers, facilitating innovation and collaboration, fostering inclusivity, and promoting social accountability. A short term immediate goal is to help flatten the curve of coronavirus 19 spread. Its long term goal is also to enable others’ worldwide to be in better positions to be leaders of positive change in their community.
Currently 22+ teams operate within SAC working on either initiative-wide (social media, video, logistics etc) or distinct project (translation, mental health, research etc) basis. Since March 17, SAC has received several prizes, produced content in 20+ languages, organized conferences and sessions, advocated locally or internationally, published research papers and been featured in prestigious outlets. Within SAC, members have acquired various skills from graphic design to scientific writing learning from each other and offering their experience on a pro bono basis.
In SAC, we value students and allies’ voices, and we want to enable a culture that empowers their ability to make an impact across the globe long after this pandemic. The movement aims to achieve these goals in part by encouraging professionalism, integrity, tolerance, responsibility, honesty, respect, inclusion, diversity, teamwork, common courtesy, and civility amongst all members and allies. SAC believes in promoting transparency and to better ensure reliability of sources and credibility. It has created and strives to create further protocols in place to solicit authenticity of information if necessary.