About Us

Beyond Sciences Initiative (BSI) is a non-profit association that provides a platform for intercultural dialogue between like-minded scholars around the world. We recognize the value of bilateral mentorship, and aim to use our collaborations to promote cultural understanding, academic, and personal growth for both mentors and mentees.

The emergence of a global village through effective online communication tools, allow for a powerful platform for academic counseling and life skills development. For instance, the strong multidisciplinary background of our mentees makes possible a forum where concurrent global health concerns and possible solutions can be discussed. In addition, mentorship may take the form of tutoring, discussion and design of research projects, or sharing life experiences and career development skills.

In accordance with our mission to develop strong student leaders, BSI sub-initiatives will be directed by various students with appropriate backgrounds and co-supervised by faculty at the Department of Immunology (Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto). Our ultimate objective is to empower young leaders to establish meaningful connections as they work towards having a strong positive impact within their local and global communities.

Our Objectives:
– Bridging the gap in access to academic knowledge through global communication
– Increasing cultural understanding between geographically separate communities
– Participate in outreach within the local community

To learn and get involved more please contact your local chapter, get in touch at beyondsciencesinitiative@gmail.com or join by filling out the form below.

BSI Executive Team

Dr. Eleanor Fish


Department of Immunology

University of Toronto

Dr. Payam Zarin

Research Fellow

Microbiology and Immunobiology

Harvard Medical School

Stefan Divic

PhD Student

Condensed Matter Physics

UC Berkeley

Dr. Justin Lau

Research Fellow

Cardiovascular Medicine

University of Oxford

Dr. Bola Hanna

Immunology Research Fellow

Harvard Medical School

Raquel Serrano

BSc Candidate

University of Toronto

Leah Velikonja

BSc Candidate


University of Toronto

Ashton Trotman-Grant

PhD Candidate

Department of Immunology

University of Toronto

Samuel Terkper Ahuno

Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Dr. Sergey Yegorov

PhD Immunology

Department of Immunology

University of Toronto

Tse-Chiang Chen

MB Candidate

School of Medicine

Trinity College Dublin

Anastasiya Muntyanu

MD Candidate

Faculty of Medicine

University of Ottawa

Aryan Dhar

BSc Candidate

Computer Science and Economics

University of Toronto