Conferences and Workshop

The Conference will take place at the Krystal Beach, Gordons Bay from the 3rd to the 6th of September 2017. The Conference will be held in conjunction with the Infectious Diseases in Africa Workshop taking place on the 7th to 8th of September 2017 also at Krystal Beach, Gordons Bay. This year’s Conference will emphasize networking with young scientists to create a stronger network for the next generation of African immunologists across the continent.
Deadline for Abstract Submission and Registration is 3rd July, 2017.
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The 5th ECI will cover all fields of modern immunology, ranging from innate memory and tissue specific regulation of T and B cell differentiation to unsupervised analyses of big data for diagnostics and combinational immunomodulatory biologicals. In the meeting we will specifically dedicate sessions to identify new discoveries in fundamental immunology that hold diagnostic and therapeutic promise and to tackle challenges that arise from connecting fundamental and translational science.
It is a good opportunity to stroll along the many waterfronts, relax in the Vondelpark or lounge on one of our rooftop terraces.
Abstract submission starts on January 15, 2018.
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The CBID summer school is for students, researchers and professionals working on infectious diseases and wishing to acquire knowledge and practice in quantitative analyses or, on the contrary, working in modeling sciences (mathematics, informatics) and wishing to acquire knowledge in health sciences applications. The school is organized in 5 parallel thematic groups of 15-20 students covering the following topics: 1. Molecular phylogenetics (Meta)genomics 2. Population genetics 3. Transmission dynamics 4. Epidemics forecasting

Fully sponsored with travel support.
Application deadline is 10th of July
Decisions on application will be communicated to the applicants by the 20th of July

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The principal theme of this EMBO Workshop is to understand how to model infectious diseases and their effects in the host. This is focused at both the cellular and whole organism level, with a goal to understanding these processes and how therapeutic strategies can be informed.
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We are pleased to announce the 1st Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Inflammation: Basic Mechanisms & Relevant Diseases which will be held in Suzhou, China, located approximately 60 miles west of Shanghai. The conference will begin at 7:00pm on the evening of Monday December 11, and will conclude after lunch on December 15, 2017.Register here!

This meeting will bring together leading investigators in the fields of immunology, microbiology and metabolism, to discuss how the microbiome-host metabolic cross-talk can be manipulated in novel preventive and personalized therapeutic approaches.
The conference will be held in Paris at the Institut Pasteur on November 15th-17th, 2017.

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The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a world leader in genomic research and provides an excellent environment for aspiring scientists to begin to realise their research ambitions. The winner of the Sanger Institute Prize will be offered a three month internship with a research group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute during 2018. Travel, living and research expenses are all covered by the award. To be eligible to apply, applicants must also be studying at a University/Institute in a low/middle income country. Students should be able to demonstrate an active interest in research in the genomics field and have a good command of english.
Entries should be submitted online by 6th December 2017

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The Computer Science Department at ETH offers a new, exciting program that allows undergraduate and graduate students to obtain research experience in our department during the summer months. Applications for the programme are open to students across the globe. The program is committed to increasing diversity in the computer science area.
Deadline is 31 December 2017 at 12 noon (Central European Time).

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Academic Training Opportunities (Masters, PhD, Postdoctoral)

We are looking for outstanding graduates from all over the world – whether you have a degree in bioinformatics, computer science, mathematics, physics, molecular biology or something related, as long as you have a passion for solving biological questions through computational methods, the IMPRS-CBSC may be the PhD program for you. Come and join our international community in Berlin, Germany, and work on an exciting research project in any of our areas of interest: systems biology, proteomics, gene and RNA regulation, evolutionary genomics, mathematical modelling, epigenetics, cell differentiation, biological sequence analysis, statistics, systems pharmacology, cell signalling networks.
Application deadline: 18th of February, 2018.
Notification of outcome: Mid-March 2018.
Interviews for shortlisted candidates: 16th and 17th of April, 2018.

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The ALGANT Master Program is a 2 year program at 2 different Universities in 2 different countries. The program leads to a double diploma from any of the participating universities.
We offer high class advanced courses in: Algebra – Algebraic Geometry – Algebraic and Geometric Topology – Algebraic and Analytic Number Theory – Coding Theory – Combinatorics – Complex Function Theory – Cryptology – Elliptic Curves -Manifolds [The deadline for application is 31 January 2018]Read more about the program
The focus of this postdoctoral position is to explore and develop appropriate statistical and modelling methodologies for genetic epidemiology research. This includes integrating large-scale genotype and other genome-wide datasets with comprehensive clinical and environmental data, and to examine causal associations of exposures with disease outcomes. We are interested in candidates with a strong interest and background in the development of appropriate statistical models for such data. Successful candidates will be responsible for the development and application of up to date methodologies that are applicable to datasets generated by the H3Africa consortium in particular, as well as other data sets. Additionally the candidate will be responsible for the development of training resource material, and assisting with provision of short course training workshops based on the development of these methodologies.Click to download job description

Characterisation of the pro- or antiviral role of cellular proteins induced upon infection with Human Cytomegalovirus

Prof. Dr. Melanie Brinkmann at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig, Germany, has one open PhD position. The objectives of the PhD project are the determination of the proviral or antiviral role of cellular proteins induced after human cytomegalovirus infection and the detailed characterisation of the mechanism of action of selected antiviral or proviral proteins.

– Solid background/expertise in cell biology, molecular biology, virology, and immunology
– Experience with biochemical methods and cloning, ideally in imaging and FACS analysis
– Ability to manage large experimental setups
– Ability to work in a team

Applications via email to: Prof Dr Melanie Brinkmann (

Single-cell technologies have recently gained popularity in biology due to their ability to resolve heterogeneity in cell populations. This has translational impact for example in describing heterogeneities of developmental diseases, cancer or immunology, in particular regarding T-cell heterogeneity during infection processes. Analyzing high-dimensional single-cell data has its own statistical and computational challenges, and standard tools often cannot be applied. The goal of this project is to develop and adapt methods in computational biology to model and analyze transcriptional heterogeneity linked to pathomechanisms and infection.
Job Description
Implement, develop and extend methods for processing and analyzing single-cell RNAseq and protein profiles
Develop methods for second level analyses, e.g. interaction networks, enrichment analyses
Biological interpretation of data

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The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are aimed at young researchers from abroad who have completed a master’s degree or PhD and at foreign artists holding a bachelor’s degree.Click to read more and apply
A post-doctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Alberto Martin. The successful applicant will join a research team studying B cell biology, antibody diversification processes (class switch recombination) and the DNA repair pathways that are involved.
The applicant must have recently completed a PhD or equivalent in the Biological Sciences. Applicants should forward a CV and a statement of research interests by e-mail to:
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Dr Frickel is seeking a talented and motivated postdoc to further develop this study in human stem cell-derived macrophages and dendritic cells, as a complement to studying these pathways in conventional macrophage cell lines.Dr Frickel’s laboratory focuses on elucidating the immune mechanisms targeting the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, as well as deciphering pathways mediated by immune-activated large GTPases. Read more about the job offer here!
Dr. Deretic’s group is looking for a talented postdoc with strong background and exceptional motivation to study autophagy as a fundamental and applied process, and to lead or contribute to a set of projects in Dr. Deretic laboratory. UNM HSC has the first in US NIH-funded Center of Biomedical Research Excellence on Autophagy, Inflammation and Metabolism (AIM), and provides an exceptional opportunity to make a mark in this area of science. The postdoc is expected to lead or contribute to team efforts of an international group of scientists in studying mechanisms of autophagy, its intersections with other key regulatory systems, role of autophagy in sterile or infection associated inflammation and pathogenesis in diverse disease contexts.
Send your application letter and cv to Sally Ann Garcia ( Click to read visit the institution

Grants & Fellowships

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS NEI) is pleased to announce a new Fellowship Program for Women in Climate Change Science (WiCCS). Climate change – including global warming – poses significant threats to humanity.Click here to read more and to apply
The support is in the form of financial awards allowing the scholar to undertake a placement or course of a few months’ duration intended to cover course or placement costs, travel, consumables and living expenses.Click to read more and to apply
This scheme provides support for postdoctoral researchers who aim to become independent scientists leading their own groups. The scheme is a partnership between the Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust. Click here to read more and to apply

Past Opportunities 

Brooks and McGaha labs postdoc positions

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2017 Global Health Research Award Announcement

Genentech Immunology Postdoctoral Research Opportunity

Postdoc and PhD Opportunities at CVIVA