Immunology Courses

by Khan Academy
How does you body defend itself against invaders, such as disease-causing bacteria and viruses? Learn more about your immune system, what cells make it up, and how it works in many different ways to protect you from harmful microbes (pathogens).

by Albert Einstein College of Medicine
A series of 14 lectures by Dr. Harris Goldstein covering basic concepts in immunology. The button below links to the first video in the lecture series.

by Rice University and EdX
What you’ll learn:
Inflammation and Tolerance: how the immune system decides whether to attack
Survey of Autoimmune Diseases: their etiology, treatment and prevention
Hypersensitivity: allergies, asthma, attacks by cells and antibodies, prevention and treatment
Transplants: testing for compatibility, treatment to prevent rejection, example survey

by Osaka University and edX
Basic principles of immunology including the latest topics leading to novel therapeutic approaches.

by Trinity College Dublin
A series of 18 graduate level lectures provided by. It includes audio as well as the presentation slides.

Immuno-Kenya 2018