Thank you for your interest in joining our initiative. To apply, please click on the link above and complete our online form. To find out more about who we are, please review the About and What We Do sections.

BSI was incepted during a discussion at the Immunology High Table Dinner held at Trinity College (University of Toronto) in the spring of 2013. The common goal was to create an international scientific community focused on scientific dialogue, outreach and mentorship. The months that followed would see the involvement of undergraduate students in local outreach initiatives and the establishment of the first BSI chapter oversees by student leaders from the Medical Student Association of Moi University in Kenya (MSAMU). As of October 2015, BSI collaborations are actively pursued at 45 institutes in 21 countries.


Who Should Join BSI?

While many BSI activities are primarily geared towards scholars with a background in biology and medicine, we encourage students, fellows, and faculty from all educational backgrounds to apply.

What does being a BSI member entail? 

BSI aims to provide a supportive platform for international collaboration and local outreach. The activeness of members within respective sub-initiatives is variable and solely the responsibility of individual members.

Membership benefits include:

  • remote mentorship and collaborations
  • cultural exchanges
  • equity, social justice, and community engagement
  • opportunities for international rained exchanges/internships/scholarships
  • participation in 1st BSI International Remote Conference: Science & Society

We are supportive of scholars who are interested in starting their own sub-initiatives and strive to promote members who display strong leadership and are actively engaged in our sub-initiatives.

Who is responsible for the accuracy and content of the material posted? 

Although BSI executive members moderate the content posted by members as rigorously as possible, the original poster maintains full responsibility of content published on any medium linked to BSI. This includes, but is not limited to, the accuracy, originality, and potential plagiarism of this content.